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Smart Dhobi Nepal Online Laundry Service

We are one of a kind service, establishing its root in the growing corporate Kathmandu Valley. With people spending more time on work, our lives have become nothing but merely robotic. But we are here. Just so you could have fun in your weekends, away from the thought of staying home and doing laundry. You heard it right. Give us a call or stick to our social media pages. We take order from you, pick up your laundry, clean it and deliver it right to your location in a very affordable price range. Keep scrolling down for more information

Our Approach

We approach workforce accommodations with a property development mindset. Our “Develop. Own. Operate.” business model produces integrated solutions that enable clients to focus on their core business. Clients benefit from consistent service delivery with greater cost and quality control as well as more efficient use of their operational and financial resources.